Benefits of seeing a Nurse Practitioner

A Nurse Practitioner is an experienced and skilled Registered Nurses (RN) with extra qualifications. They are experienced in their clinical specialty, educated at Masters Level, and endorsed by the NMBA to provide patient care, in an advanced and extended clinical role. Nurse Practitioners are increasingly able to address, in part, the community expectations of health care provision and health service development for Australian consumers.

Benefits of seeing a nurse practitioner

  • Access to highly qualified healthcare professionals
  • Cost-effective and efficient health service alternatives
  • High levels of patient satisfaction and improved health outcomes
  • Improved access to health care
  • Direction/referral of patients to appropriate heathcare services as required
  • Reduced wait times for appointments and access to care for multiple conditions and in a variety of settings
  • Addressing the needs of at-risk populations

Who can visit an NP?

Anyone of any age can visit a Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners provide health care to individuals with a variety of acute and chronic health conditions in all states and territories.

What to expect from an NP?

Nurse Practitioners work directly with patients and provide a full range of health care services including advanced health assessment, diagnosis of health problems, referral for x-rays and blood tests, minor procedures, prescription or change in medications, referral for appropriate specialist opinion, education, health promotion, counselling and wellness support for holistic health care.