Extensive Growth and Development Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in Australia

Extensive Growth and Development Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in Australia

Extensive Growth and Development Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in Australia

Nurse practitioners provide a level of service that is beyond that of a registered nurse and work to complement the medical offering of the health care system in Australia by diagnosing and treating health conditions, designing and implementing therapeutic regimens for patients and carers, initiate and receive appropriate referrals from health professionals, ordering and interpreting blood and radiology tests and prescribing medications[1].

A nurse practitioner in Australia is a nurse that has obtained a master’s degree in nursing and has had a further specialisation within the APRN category. You might find a nurse practitioner working in a rural clinic, a hospital, long-term care facility, aged care facility or an ambulatory clinic[2].

While the role of the nurse practitioner in Australia is often misunderstood, there has been a changing of the guard when it comes to the demand for NP services, particularly in rural and remote areas.

Thanks to the increase of qualified NPs, communities across Australia are benefiting from a wide variety of improved healthcare services in the form of direct care, support of systems, education, research and professional leadership.

Becoming a nurse practitioner

You can make a positive impact in Australian health care when becoming a nurse practitioner.  For many, the benefits are vast, advancing your career and being a specialist will provide much needed quality health care in your community.

By becoming a Nurse Practitioner, you are making a positive contribution to your community by providing:

  • Access to highly trained medical professional
  • Improvements in patient outcomes and medical care
  • Fast tracking of patients to appropriate medical professionals
  • Targeted medical care in at-risk communities, rural and remote
  • Medicare rebates for selected NP appointments
  • The ability to prescribe PSB listed medications


Opportunities growing for nurse practitioners throughout the country

There is a wide range of opportunities for RN’s looking to expand their horizons and study to become a qualified nurse practitioner.

Once qualified, nurse practitioners can work in the areas of emergency, aged care, drug and alcohol, medical, surgical, private practice, rural and remote medicine, women’s health, mental health, paediatrics and more.

To find out more about becoming a nurse practitioner or for useful contacts for development opportunities for the sector, visit www.acnp.org.au to find out more on professional support, job opportunities, education and resources for nurse practitioners.

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