How to become a Nurse Practitioner?

If you are a registered nurse with:

  • Experience in a specialty area of practice
  • Experience at an advanced nursing level of practice
  • Enthusiasm to be a leader in nursing care
  • Committed to improving health services to Australian consumers
  • looking for your next steps in a rewarding career as a nurse practitioner

there are many exciting opportunities for career advancement, personal growth and development in this career trajectory.

If you are considering transitioning to become a Nurse Practitioner, a number of minimum requirements are necessary:

  • three years of advanced practice before seeking to apply for nurse practitioner status
  • a post graduate qualification in an area of clinical specialty area of clinical specialty should prepare the candidate for an advanced clinical role

For a full overview of the registration standards click here for the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

What is involved in becoming a nurse practitioner?

In Australia, five core prerequisites that need to be covered off by the nurse for endorsement as a nurse practitioner include:

  1. Current registration with no restrictions or conditions relating to unsatisfactory performance or conduct
  2. 3 years advanced experience within the past 6 years
  3. Successful completion of a board-approved NP qualification at a master’s level
  4. Compliance with National Competency Standards for the Nurse Practitioner
  5. Continuing professional development – as required in the standards

Continuing professional development and a declaration of currency of practice is a requirement for ongoing endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner. Signing of the annual statutory declaration is required (as per the NMBA CPD  requirements) detailing the Nurse Practitioner has completed all of the requirements of ongoing endorsement.

Why become a nurse practitioner?

Nurses are studying to become nurse practitioners for a wide range of reasons.

You can make a positive impact in Australian health care including:

  • Ensuring evidence based practice is maintained
  • Delivery of patient focused, holistic practice
  • Becoming a specialist in your scope of interest
  • Provide much-needed health care in areas/populations deemed vulnerable
  • Advancing your health care career

The scope of practice of the Nurse Practitioner builds upon the registered nurse practice, enabling Nurse Practitioners to manage episodes of care, including wellness-focused care, as a primary provider of care in collaborative teams.

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