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Sonja Elia - Immunisation NP

Sonja Elia – Immunisation NP

 Born and bred in Melbourne, Sonja has been based at a major metropolitan hospital in Melbourne for over 20 years and has worked in immunisation for 14 years. After graduating as a nurse practitioner in May 2017, Son ...

Jodi Haartsen - MS NP

Jodi Haartsen – MS NP

Jodi has worked for Eastern Health in Melbourne for the past 18 years and is currently a MS nurse practitioner. Jodi has worked f in  a number of positions including nurse educator, nurse manager and research nurse a ...

Jenni Cullen - Remote Area NP

Jenni Cullen – Remote Area NP

Born in New Zealand and travelled all over Australia, Jenni is a qualified nurse practitioner working as a remote area nurse in Elliott, an indigenous community halfway between Darwin and Alice Springs and is focused on ...